In-between-fingers sandals

Elegant and simple, these sandals are an ideal choice for a casual yet refined look.

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Sandals between fingers: comfort and support

For those looking to combine simplicity and refinement in the warmer months, our collection of finger sandals is an invitation to lightness and elegance. These models are specially designed to offer optimum comfort while enhancing the delicacy of women's feet.

Finger sandals with strap

Our classic toe-to-toe sandals are the essence of simplicity. With a single strap extending between the first and second toe, they ensure a minimal but secure fit. Available in a variety of materials and colours, these sandals are perfect for sunny days or a casual evening by the sea.

Finger sandals with ornament

For added glamour, opt for our embellished toe-to-toe sandals. Whether it's pearls, rhinestones, sequins or precious stones, each pair is designed to catch the eye and reflect the light brilliantly. Ideal for special occasions or when you want to elevate your everyday outfit.

Finger sandals with flexible soles

Convenience doesn't sacrifice style with our flexible sandals. Designed to mould to the shape of your foot, these sandals offer unrivalled comfort thanks to their memory foam sole. They're ideal for long walks or active days, keeping your feet feeling rested even after many hours.

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