Comfort sandals

Perfect for everyday wear, these sandals combine ease and style without compromising on style.

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Our 100% comfort sandals

Who said sandals weren't ideal for walking? We've taken up the challenge with a selection of sandals designed for walking for long hours, without overheating or chafing!

Sandals with adjustable straps

Our adjustable strappy sandals are the epitome of flexibility. Perfect for long days, they offer a customisable fit thanks to their adjustable straps that gently wrap around the foot without constricting. This category includes models with T-straps or cross straps, all designed for secure support and effortless fashion.

Sandals with arch support

Designed with your feet in mind, these sandals offer exemplary arch support. Ideal for active women, they help stabilise the foot and distribute pressure evenly when walking. Their ergonomic insoles provide a solid base for every step, promising comfort and stability all day long.

Low-heeled sandals

The ideal choice for those looking for a little lift without sacrificing comfort. Our low-heeled sandals, typically one to two inches, help relieve pressure on the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia. They're perfect for those who want a stylish look with the convenience of everyday footwear.

Flat sandals

A must-have for every summer wardrobe, our flat sandals are the definition of casual chic. They're light, airy and offer unrivalled freedom, while providing just the right amount of support for city walks or beach getaways. These styles are available in a variety of materials, including eco-friendly options for the conscious consumer.

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Les Tropeziennes par M. Belarbi have been proving their worth for many years! Trust in the expertise of our teams, who have developed sandals that are incredibly comfortable and durable.