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Explore our collection of Les Tropeziennes par M.Belarbi women's derbies and richelieu shoes. From sleek derbies to impeccably finished richelieu shoes, each pair offers a confident walk while celebrating your taste for authenticity.

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Leather Derbies or Richelieus: elegance and comfort

Les Tropeziennes par M. Belarbi invites you to discover a collection of leather derbies and richelieus that transcend the ephemera of fashion. These low shoes, reminiscent of moccasins, embody the charm of the French Riviera and are designed to be versatile, elegant, and timeless. Choose quality, comfort, and originality with Les Tropeziennes, your destination for exceptional shoes.

Derby, Richelieu, what are the differences?

Derbies feature a two-piece leather construction. The tongue (where the laces pass through) is stitched above the rest of the shoe, creating open lacing with visible eyelets on the top. This design offers a more casual and versatile style, suitable for a variety of occasions, from day to night. The Richelieu, on the other hand, are made from a single piece of leather. Their closed lacing construction means that the lace eyelets are hidden beneath the surface, giving these shoes an elegant, formal appearance. Richelieu shoes are often considered to be the ultimate suit shoes, ideal for those occasions where elegance is required.

Leopard print derbies: dare to be original

Leopard-print Derbies are a must-have for all daring fashionistas. The leopard print adds a wild and elegant touch to any outfit. Pair them with simple black trousers and a white top for a chic, on-trend look. Don't be afraid to experiment with fashion, and leopard Derbies are a great way to show off your unique and original style.

Original Derbies: a unique look

We believe in uniqueness, which is why our collection of original derbies is designed for singular minds. Both men and women will find something to suit them, with a versatile style. The Derby model combines refined lacing with a durable sole, guaranteeing shoes that will stand the test of time. With a choice of colours and patterns, our original derbies let you create your own style, without compromising on comfort.

Richelieu derbies for all seasons

Our Richelieu derbies are versatile shoes for all seasons. Available in a range of sizes, styles, and colours, they offer exceptional comfort for both men and women. The quality of their manufacture is second to none, reflecting our commitment to authenticity and durability. A solid sole and sturdy heel ensure a comfortable walk, whether in town or country.

Don't miss the chance to buy our derbies and richelieus now, and benefit from our fast delivery service. Treat your feet to the luxury of leather, French style, and absolute comfort.