Fall for the
Boho Folk charm!

Take a trip around the mediterranean and discover our western-inspired boots designed for a casual bohemian chic look.

Two-material folk boots in a classic cowboy shape with an almond toe, decorative stitching and bevelled heels.

Let yourself be seduced by the perfect blend of the adventurous
spirit of the Wild West and the timeless elegance of folk style!

Free and wild to the tips of your toes with the Bohème Chic selection!

Immerse yourself in the irresistible world of bohemian chic shoes at Les Tropeziennes par M. Belarbi. Choose from our bold range of western boots, stylish rangers, elegant boots, and trendy furs. Each pair is an invitation to adventure, a perfect marriage of bohemian style and rebellious elegance.

Western boots with a wild spirit

Made from supple leather, our cowboy boots feature delicate embroidery details and square heels for a touch of authenticity. Wear them with a flowing dress or skinny jeans for instant bohemian chic.

Rangers: rebellious, free-spirited style in its purest form

Ranger boots are the epitome of rebellious attitude. Our distressed leather models offer vintage charm, while the laces and buckles add a rock'n'roll touch. These boots are perfect for those who dare to defy fashion conventions while remaining ultra-chic.

Elegant boots: bohemian grace

Our boots capture the bohemian spirit with their flowing silhouettes and detailing. These bohemian-style boots are ideal for women who want elegance without compromising their bohemian side.

Lined shoes: bohemian comfort

In cold weather, our lined shoes wrap you in warmth and softness. Made from quality materials, they combine comfort and style. The fur trim adds a touch of luxury, while the sturdy soles offer perfect grip. These shoes are a must-have for all bohemian women who like to stay warm and trendy at the same time.

Dive into our collection and let yourself be seduced by the bewitching charm of our bohemian chic shoes. At Les Tropeziennes par M. Belarbi, each pair tells a story, the story of the modern woman, free and assertive. Dare to embark on a bohemian adventure with our unique shoes and let your feet express your rebellious style with elegance.